Coffee Times opened in July of 1983 in conjunction with the opening of Lexington Coffee & Tea Co. on Regency Road. At the time we were a much smaller coffee shop, seating 15 and offering 15 Country of Origin coffees and 3 flavored coffees. We were young and immature but none the less passionate about our mission.  It’s interesting to note that we wanted to locate with Lexington Coffee and Tea Co., which the owner had started in 1981 in her garage. She knew that combining the two, in one building, would benefit them both.  Coffee Times presented a perfect “front” for Lexington Coffee & Tea’s roasting plant since they were not open to the public (visit Lexington Coffee & Tea for their back story). The down side was the location, because the roasting was light manufacturing, they had to locate in an I-1 zone, which was an unattractive location for retail.  It was a trade off that took longer to pay off but was so worth it in the long run.

In 1990, we doubled our seating to 60 and our coffee offerings to over 90 while expanding the entire retail area. During the 90’s we were full of teenagers, and their parents, who were looking for a comfortable place to fit in, a place to go meet friends and to be seen. It was an amazing, unique time for Coffee Times to grow up in. Today, we still offer the same warm and welcoming environment, coffee blends and specialty drinks we were founded on while we continue to progress with the times.


With each bean we roast we consider its country of origin, and how best to enhance its characteristics to the fullest. This method allows us to offer lighter roasts, city roasts, and darker roasts like Vienna, French and Italian Espresso. We have been blending different roasts and country of origins together since the beginning. You will taste the difference.


We are surrounded by so much food and craft talent in Lexington, It’s easy to support local! At our Espresso Bar you’ll discover fresh scones, cookies, breads and pies baked for us by Good Foods Co-Op. Selma’s Catering provides much of our lunch menu and other baked goods. These relationships have spanned over 10 years. In 2012, we discovered Martine’s Pastries at a Cake & Whiskey event. Her beautifully crafted cakes taste as good as they look and even better with our coffee.  Some of the goods you’ll love in our store are: Journals that Reimagined by Luna puts together, and Kentucky mugs handmade on the potter’s wheel by Rickman Pottery